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My name is Richard O’Brien. I founded and lead this company, Nagog Hill Partners (NHP). I attended college on a scholarship awarded to me by the business – one of the largest food manufacturing enterprises in the world – that employed my father at the time. I aspired to a corporate career in marketing, earned an MBA. I found I had to change jobs to grow in my field, ‘consumer packaged goods marketing’. I subsequently changed my objectives to become a corporate manager, then an entrepreneur, and, more recently, a business development professional – and partner.

portrait of Dick O'BrienRichard P. "Dick" O'Brien MBA, CEO

Retired Captain, US Navy Reserve
Officer, Director, MDG (Medical Development Group)
Member, Past Chair, Programs, Director, WPI Venture Forum

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Clients are the first partners of Nagog Hill Parners (NHP).
As appropriate, problem solving teams are selected to
client address problems and opportunities. Accomplished colleagues that bring practiced current expertise and focus business knowlege to each program are integrated into the NHP client solution. NHP leads each program and is fully responsible directly to the client for all deliverables.