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  1. Establishment of Advisory Boards
  2. Effective, affordable and smart for growing business CEOs (and Division, Department Heads). Advisory Boards are an entrepreneurial step with top payback.

  3. Research – Markets / Products / Competition
  4. Critical knowledge enables better business decisions, allows company managers to ‘tweak’ strategy, firm acquisitions. This approach has the best ROI – if done well.

  5. Matchmaking and Partnering
  6. Taking advantage of superior resources pays dividends – when done carefully, strategically. It has the potential to address increased profits, market share, and select market targets.

  7. Marketing & Sales Connections with Customers/Relationships
  8. The process and the strategy of identifying Buyers, Influences, References, and building Relationships with these decision makers – to enhance repeat business. It is essential your key customers want to continue to do business with you. Key account selling is critical to this continuity and to future revenues.

A Strategic Plan Is King
Successful replication of business sales begins with a written plan that can be shared with the company team. The Plan will detail what and where the market resides; you want to define this target carefully. The goals must be reasonable, achievable and appropriate to your company resources and expectations.

A Tactically Superior Plan of Action
What you must do to win: What are the resources you will deploy and how will they be used. The familiar tools are selected to fit the strategy and the need – and are shaped by the realistic budget available.

Execution Is Key
Nagog Hill Partners can serve as a mentor, can serve as a partner in performing the Plan, can serve as a ‘pinch hitter’ in execution, or can observe, evaluate and recommend action.

Focused Areas of Expertise
Wide range of experiences in marketing and sales; consumer, commercial industrial, medical devices, and high-tech/military markets; and ‘C’Level to Street Level leadership and participation. Partnering.
WHY WE ARE DIFFERENT: Business Development Services
Collaborative Services Commitment
Nagog Hill Partners (NHP) works with clients to maximize their assets to bring new business. We will work closely together. Each client is unique – NHP understands that fundamental fact. There are best practices – but seldom standard answers apply to each different client’s problems. NHP understands it’s role to match solutions to client needs and objectives. We measure our success by the progress made by our clients in achieving their goals.

Problems Can Be Opportunities
Nagog Hill Partners is committed to this demanding axiom. We bring a fresh set of experienced skills to challenge the norm - to give you, the client, the benefit to consider options to move forward.

“A Problem Defined Is a Problem Solved” : Clients Save Money
Buckmeister Fuller, one of America’s most illuminating futurists and inventor of the geodesic dome, offered this observation. We believe the value of this profound statement is proven virtually every day in our work. Take the effort to carefully define the real problem or objective upfront. The time and expense of solving a problem or reaching a solution is maximized. Do it right, and you only do it once. We want our clients to spend only what is necessary to get their results. NHP proposals are written to start with a clear problem definition or a Phase Zero Research Step to define it to the satisfaction of the client. Saving time and money is important to both client and NHP. The added benefit to this discipline is we can all measure the result accurately.
CASE HISTORY: A Business Development Program
Assignment: Build A Larger (2X, 3X), More Profitable Business

A sole proprietor started a high tech enterprise in his home. He was a scientist/engineer, an aggressive professional interested in applications of optics and engineering to product solutions. Revenues had settled at close to $1Mil, supported a staff of six professionals, two support staff and a broad range of activities: 60% product design/development, 5% contract manufacturing and 35% SBIR research and development.

Over three years, a series of decisive steps were taken in partnership with the client:
  1. The CEO educated himself working closely to initiate an Advisory Board of peers prepared by NHP (Nagog Hill Partners) to explore best practices to meet goals.

  2. Product development services were ‘repackaged’ and focused primarily on the key target markets – medical devices and life sciences.

  3. A new, more open sales process was put into place, to carefully define the needs of potential prospects, to give all employees input and understanding of the progress thru business acquisition.

  4. Freshened presentations were created to present effective proposal solutions to new prospects.

  5. Partners were brought in to assist in pitching to new accounts - as a team, to demonstrate solidarity with prospects, total interest in their needs and commitment to their goals…To win their business.

  6. New employees were recruited to fill carefully defined positions of Program Manager and Sales Manager – building knowledge and teamwork necessary to lead, close and replicate sales, establishing new relationships with incoming customer clients.

  7. Strategically, the CEO removed the company from the distraction of the contract manufacturing activities, renting his facilities to another organization.

  8. SBIR resources were fine-tuned to relate directly to the company focus of medical/life sciences and devices.

  9. A Sales and marketing program was implemented to indentify and attract target perspective clients.

  10. Examples of past programs of design/development successes with clients were prepared to illustrate for prospects the quality and innovation delivered by the company to clients.

  11. Sales literature depicting the exceptional work of the company for clients was prepared to give the client the opportunity to ask questions, review and explore the depth of deliverables customers of the company should expect – a meaningful brand identity to signal client benefit.

  12. To communicate these resources and practices, the website was updated, digital media was implemented and company representatives began to purposefully attend industry assemblies to meet medical and life sciences professionals and appreciate the trends and issues faced by prospects.

The company achieved its immediate growth objectives, Through close collaboration and implementation of cost effective solutions, NHP contributed leadership and professional experience to help this client organization achieve its goals.